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Why Choose Octane?

Founded in 2001, Octane Fitness has been dedicated to making the best residential fitness equipment, including elliptical machines and performance cardio products in the world for both commercial and residential markets. Octane home fitness equipment has the same quality and performance standards as our commercial machines for excellent workouts without a trip to the gym. With innovative features and dynamic functions, Octane has a product for everyone in your household. And our equipment is built and tested to withstand the toughest workouts day after day, so you can continue to Get Fueled.


The Q37x Light is part of Octane's extensive residential fitness equipment line.
Octane Fitness is a favorite when it comes to cardio training. I get an intense workout every time. I love the X-Mode boosters for an added challenge. The handles and foot pedals make it easier to use than other elliptical machines I have tried. As a bodybuilder I prefer to use a cardio machine that is both effective and has a lower impact on my body. Lynn S. – Fueled Octane Customer
I love my Octane Fitness xR6c. My adaptive therapist, quite a few years ago said, “this is the machine for you”. With fibromyalgia, partial numb leg with nerve damage, back surgeries – this machine has done wonders for me. So grateful. Thank you Octane Fitness Sharon K. – Fueled Octane Customer
Octane machines have been a staple in my daily exercise routine since 2005. Amirah S. – Fueled Octane Customer
I would like to thank your company for the ease of using my rowing machine! I have a hereditary muscle condition that limits the workouts I can do. Someone recommended that I try a rower. I tried several, but only the Octane Ro has given me the workout I was looking for! The lowest level gave me a great starting point, and I am gradually working my way up. I can start and stop with ease! The machine is easy to move and the seat is comfortable. I’m so glad I chose this machine, and I have told others about it who share my muscle condition. Thank you!!! Christine H. – Fueled Octane Customer
Female on Ro Machine

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