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Exterior surfaces, tracks and rollers:

To clean plastic shrouds, handlebars, pedals, tracks and rollers, Octane Fitness recommends using a mild soap/water solution and a clean, dry cloth. Apply cleaning solution directly on the cloth before wiping down the machine. Thoroughly dry machine with a clean, dry cloth or paper towels.

Important: Never spray cleaning solutions directly on the machine, and never use cleaning solution on the consoles or PVS. Do NOT use WD-40® or any type of silicone spray on the racks or rollers. If used, it can cause an increase in squeaking.

Consoles and PVS:

To clean consoles and PVS displays, use a clean, dry microfiber cloth to remove excess sweat, moisture and debris.

Important: Keep liquids away from console, and do NOT spray cleaners directly onto console or get moisture into any openings. Do NOT use aerosol sprays, solvents, abrasives or gym wipes on the console.